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  • Scott Gardner

Practicing law in SW VA. Flu Shots and Milkshakes

Updated: Oct 10, 2019

So I go into this drug store, expecting to see an Ellie Walker look alike behind the counter. Sure enough, Old Man Gower from Bedford Falls greets me inside. Me: Thinking about a flu shot (not really wanting one) Gower: Nope, we are out. You will have to come back next week. Me: Well how bout a milkshake. (really want one) Gower: Can't help you there either, mixer is down. Should be fixed next week. Me: You might want to change your sign out front and isn't this a geographical oddity. One week from everywhere. Gower: shakes his head and I explain to him the "O Brother Where Art Thou" reference. He says he loves that movie. Gower: If you want something sweet, you might want to check bakery next door and if you're looking for a haircut, go down one more door. Me: Seriously. I may be a little shaggy, but I'm holding out for end of the year. Gower: You're not from around here are you? Me: No, I just drove up from Salem. Gower: That's a long way to come for a flu shot. Me: Well, I really wanted that milkshake, but so the day's not a total loss, I'm going to call a foreclosure sale across the street. (He asks for the address) Gower: I know that house. (looks out window) Looks like the whole family showed up for the sale. ( I look out and notice 5-6 people in front of courthouse.) They won't give you any trouble........most likely. Me: Hmmm. Gower: If they give you any trouble, the sheriff's in the back having a sandwich. Me: You don't happen to sell cigars here? Gower: We certainly do. Me: I'll be right back. #anotherwin

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