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  • Scott Gardner

Practicing in SW Va. - Weekend Edition

Some courts have unwritten policies on how cases are called. I'm in a courtroom where lawyers with seniority are called first. A local lawyer (40ish) jumps up to have his case heard and the judge cuts him off and looks over at me. The lawyer spins around and says, "Oh, sorry. You clearly should be called ahead of me." Me: "yea, don't make that mistake again!" It may have come out sounding like "Sumbitch" but at least I was out of there in 15 minutes. Two other home-job losses from the deep south and I'm a little cranky for the weekend. So I fill a hot bath, pour about 5 ounces of Weller and crank up Another Chance by Georgia Satellites to get my mind right for Walking Dead. Recalling my golf round yesterday at Hanging Rock. My tee shot on 13 feels really sweet coming off the club. Good line. Trajectory. Then it starts to flair off into the wind and falls at about 210 yards. As I'm watching my son stripe one down the fairway closer to 300 yards, my back pocket vibrates. I pull out my phone and see a video post of my swing from my son with the caption "Yikes!" Ahhh Spring Break. Bring on the Walkers and 4 more chances to get it right on Monday.

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