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Practicing in SW Va. - Part 33

So, I'm up in the mountains early this morning pumping gas and a guy, I will call with all positivity, a "hillbilly" pulls up - 25 year old pickup that has seen a lot of work; overalls that also have seen a lot of work; boots barely hanging on and a Hokie baseball cap from at least the 1980s (I know because I have one). He's got a hound riding in the passenger seat.

So, he looks at me and asks,"How many miles you've got on that car?"

"About 150,000."


"Well, I put about 45,000 on it this year."

Without hesitating for a second, this guy puts some tobacco in his mouth and says," at $.58 per mile, that's $26,100"

I'm speechless. I pet the dog and the guy drives away.

I arrive at the courthouse for a property sale. Three regulars are there. They are house-flippers, investors, contractors. They are discussing what they think the value of the property is. Its just trash talking like athletes trying to get in their opponents' heads. They are trying to depress the bidding but I can overhear their price is at least double what my opening bid is going to be. So I am expecting active bidding. Sometimes the investors get a little heated if the bidding gets out of hand. There is also a fidgety, young woman, who I find out is the owner of the property and an older gentleman, who owns property on the street. I call the sale. The woman is trying to hold back tears but not doing a very good job. I announce the bid and the old man bids $1 dollar over to get the bidding going. But then, nothing. Now occasionally, bidders will hold out their bids so as not to show too much interest. Going once. Nothing. Going twice. The regulars are looking at each other - something is up. Third call.....sold. I congratulate the older gentleman and the regulars pat him on the back. Then, a first for me...the man turns to the crying woman and says "congratulations, the house is yours." He hands me a check and directs me to put the house in her name. Evidently, the woman grew up in the house and her parents had died in an auto accident last year. The neighbor was a friend of the family and wanted her to remain in the home with her children. There was hugging and crying. Certainly cigar worthy - even at 9:30am. #WorldkindnessDay #Hoperestored

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