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  • Scott Gardner

Practicing in SW Va. - Lost ID

Updated: Oct 11, 2019

So, I lose my wallet this morning. Late to drop Carrie at school and get to a foreclosure sale in my favorite part of the state. I call the sale at the courthouse and the buyer hands me $9,500 cash for a down payment and wants a copy of the contract. I go into the courthouse and the deputy tells me I can't bring in my cell phone. I reach for my wallet to show him my bar card and remember I don't have a wallet. He says I can't go in. I tell him I lost my wallet and ID. He stands firm and won't let me in. I take my phone to the car and try again. Set off the alarm and he asks me to empty my pockets. I tell him I don't have anything. He goes, "whats that bulge in your pocket?" I have to pull out the $9,500 and now I'm getting some attention. Now I love and appreciate all the work the deputies do, but this guy clearly wants to give me a hard time. I may have mentioned the Constitution as I slide by. Now on my way out, the deputy has put some thought into this and asks me how I got to the courthouse without a license. Using all my debate skills I proclaim without hesitation, "I walked." I head outside and notice some hot breath on my shoulder. I give a quick glance and notice the deputy has followed me out the door

. Without much hesitation, I hop in my car and head down the street six miles to the county line. Another cigar worthy win.

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