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  • Scott Gardner

Practicing in SW Va - Day off.

Driving my daughter across the state for an interview at Christopher Newport. Along the way, she declares that the Beatles are her new favorite band. Nice. As we make the turn at Staunton, she declares, "OMG Paul McCartney had another band called Wings? ". Extra nice. An awesome soundtrack for the trip. Lunch in Richmond at the Cheesecake Factory. Sitting across from her, I almost tear up as I realize how quickly she has grown up. Suddenly distracted by another realization that I can Photobomb my own picture in the mirror behind her. On the way home, we stop in Charlottesville to take her brother to dinner. As we pass the Rotunda, I commented that I was a little disappointed that the students didn't take matters into their own hands when activists put a tarp over Thomas Jefferson's statue. Karma. I proceeded to run over a schard from what must've been an abandoned Tiki torch. Fortunately I have two College kids to help me change the tire. Then a girl from across the hall appears and I lose all my help. Three hours and a traffic stopping accident on 81 and we were home. All in all a great trip.

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